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We live in a time when everything that is different and with a more personal touch is highlighted in decoration. And let's face it, we all like the different, of single and exclusive, so this is a great argument at the time of sale. Among the styles proposed by interior architects lately, the rustic, and starting with small objects to introduce yourself to the topic is an option. Rustic fixtures are a good alternative for both indoor and outdoor areas and can add a lot of value to your decoration residential or commercial environment.
Pendants of the Estancia line
O rustic is something with direct connection to nature, environment, country space in the best country house or farm style. The rustic decor is present in urban centers with great refinement. It is a way out of the pattern of furniture and decorative objects sold in bulk. Specialized magazines and experts on the subject highlight the main advantage of the style: coziness. The space is much more intimate and cozy, full of differentials in every corner. Wood is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of this style, but for the composition to gain personality and sophistication, it is necessary to go further. It is necessary to consider the use of wood with some more modern elements, such as steel and glass. So, in addition to creating a mix of sensations from the bucolic to the contemporary, you do not run the risk of compromising the functionality of the environment or overloading the room with a single material. THE Madelustre understands this well, and has created lines of rustic luminaires in this concept that please all tastes.
Pendants of the Estancia line in the kitchen
Pendentes da linha Estância
Pending Estancia line
One of the most rustic gives Madelustre and that is very successful, is the Estancia Line, this line is consecrated by the Brazilian and North American market for its originality. The metal parts have an oxidized finish and receive protection cover in matte polyurethane. Also known for its wagon wheels, which are authentic examples produced by hand for over half a century.
Lustres da linha Estância
Chandeliers and pendants
abajur linha estância
Estancia line lamp
In addition to these pieces that you saw in the images, we have many others that will make your store stand out, enchant and attract passionate customers! Contact us and learn more!

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